This one's for you.

5 years ago I wouldn't have imagined being where I am today. In a way, I've changed, gained and lost so much. Some major things are as follows:

I cursed a lot. I can't manage my temper and my opinion's the only one that matters.
Dreaming that I'd work in a magazine - to get my writings published and have fun with fashion.
I HAD to attend all happening events, concerts and parties. I couldn't say no to an invitation.
Religion is only for the pious. As long as I didn't commit any big sins, I was fine.
Love was stupid. No one can ever have such feelings for another person.


Am still in progress. I stopped cursing and learnt to control my anger. I respect people's views and try to see it in their perspective.
I am now a features and lifestyle writer for CLEO magazine. Dreams come true with perseverance.
Home is the only place you'll find me. Partying only when there's a special occasion.
Trying to limit committing sins - even as small as sighing at my parents. My next big major goal is to cover myself up.
I understand what love is from a man that is so self-less and humble in life. Teaching me to be modest and grounded.

I also realize that a family constitution consists of teaching and learning from the people who are close to us. Love, compassion, culture and sense of belonging. My family means the world to me. I sympathize people who longs for a family but aren't blessed with it. I pity people who take family for granted. It's a shame and all I can do is pray that they cherish what they have before it gets taken away. Even if you can't get along with your family, learn how to respect each other.

So many things that I've learnt and realized. So far, my definition of success is happiness and happiness means satisfaction. At the end of the day, the things that I used to want (money, beauty, perfection) just doesn't matter. And if you understand what you really want, you'll get the satisfaction of a happy life. Do what you have to do to be happy even if it is as simple as listening to a pop song to making major life adjustments. Take advice from people but only take it into consideration. You yourself can make your life's decision. Not others. 

Side note: I just graduated first class for Bachelor's in Mass Communication (Journalism), received the Vice Chancellor's Award on 1st December 2012. This one's for you, mum & dad :*

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