Finished my internship 10 days ago - finally! Though I didn't feel like an intern as I was doing/training to be CLEO's future feature and lifestyle writer. It's tough and I bet when I start work in August, the task that I have to bear will be heavier. So far, I think I did good (I hope). Whatever it is, I'll take whatever that comes my way and deal with it - patience and strength is key. 

I'm not gonna dive into the groggy details of my work. I'm just pleased to have finished my degree with flying colours (Insya'Allah) and I'm really looking forward to my graduation day where I get to wear the pink sash, God willing. Diploma wasn't a big deal as to me as I felt it was effortless, though I did get by pretty good. Degree is something I did for my parents and my own satisfaction and to excel is a gift for them. 

So I'm on my holiday now (yahoo!) and the next step: real life. To make an honest living and to learn how to be financially independent. I can't stand on my own for a couple of years at least but I'll make it. Whatever income I make I'd channel some to my parents, support my brother's needs and stash the remaining amount into my savings. Might take 30% out of it for my own pleasure. 

Plans and goals are in motion. I'm growing up ever so slowly but time is moving in a rapid pace. I might or might not catch up with it. Whatever it is, I know God is there to help me. Prayers everyday. Right now, I don't really care if people believe or don't believe that I've changed. How I speak, think and act have changed, if not a lot. From withdrawing my lips from cursing to waking up before fajr to pray. And again, all good deeds comes from Allah SWT. I'm not being a goody two shoes. I'm far far FAR from it. I just believe and that my friends, is something you can't change about me.

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