Work has been great! For you who didn't know this tiny little info yet, I am interning at CLEO Magazine to complete my practical training course assessment. So far, I am having a blast! Picking out clothes, fashion shoots, meeting and getting to know retail personnel while loaning and returning borrowed fashion items and familiarizing myself with the industry. I do get to write and Insya'Allah my name will pop-out (along with my fashion editor's name) in some of the columns - check out CLEO's May issue, fashion section. I think I'm beginning to realize that my interest does lay within writing and not just writing about fashion per se. I LOVE FASHION but I am beginning to doubt my capabilities on writing about it. I need more exposure. I need to read more. I need time.

But hey, so far, I have no complaints. I'll be telling a lie if I say everyday's great - I swallow the not-so-fun times along with the experience. I'm growing, learning and teaching myself. I don't expect myself to understand everything in a go. I learn from the mistakes and the hard times. I cherish the good experience. Allah SWT will always be there for me, I believe that. SubhanAllah.

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