I should have gotten my period by now, but nooooo. All the hunger pangs, food cravings and mood swings are all for nothing. My hormone stability or lack of it is taking its toll on my body. For starters, my health regime is out the window. Hunger pangs every hour is not good (which sorta leads to binging). Not only that, if the food I'm eating does not satisfy my cravings, the hunger won't go away. It's ridiculous I tell you! My mood swings are a whole other story. Symptoms are: annoyed, angry, paranoid, pissed, and sensitive. It's kind of like my normal emotions but multiply it by 100.

It's like everything is tied together. For example, if I don't get my food, I feel weak and pissed. But if I do, and I eat a lot to satisfy my hunger, I get depressed and restless. Please tell me there's nothing wrong with me. Get me a doctor.

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