I'm not the most fit, or competitive amongst people I know. Nor am I the most athletic or healthiest there is. I may be a bit on the heavy side and I'm a bit 'lembik' I guess. I'm not even 100% healthy. But it kind of doesn't bother me much like some other people who are so concern about flabs and fats. I admit, I have a muffin top, cellulites, stretch marks, chicken wings, jiggly thighs etc but I don't bash on myself or degrade myself at every moment. I think it's normal. Some people may not have it, some people have it worse. I just think it's what you deem good and what you want is important.

I want to be toned and healthy. Fit and strong. I know it's gonna be a while for me to reach my UGW but it's worth the wait and effort. I don't want to grow old with diabetes or heart diseases. I'm scared. I don't want to suffer in the future because of what I neglected in the past. I joined the gym in May 2010. Back then it was because my friend and I were going to Bali so I wanted to look good. After that, my gym routine was on/off mainly because I stayed so far in Shah Alam. But I'm on my break now. I might be staying around KL after this and no more going back and forth to Shah Alam. Living at home allows me to eat better and move around better.

So for the past week, I've been eating in better portions, eating better meals and doing small workouts at home and of course, gym. At the moment, I've lost 1kg and I fit better into my clothes. I like how light I feel rather than feeling lazy and heavy before. I'm planning to lose another 2kg before March cause it'll be my cousin's reception and I don't want to be called 'fat' anymore. I also wanna look and feel better before I start my practical training because I'll be meeting people and moving around a lot. I don't wanna feel fatigue halfway through the job.

I have realistic weight goals because I don't wanna bend myself towards pressure. I don't want to be disappointed as well. Not to mention relapse and binge like what I've been doing my entire life. I'm almost 23 and I know myself pretty well to know how I operate. So, leggo! Go for gold!

Simple self-instructions:
1. 15sec stretches for each limb
2. Drink LOADS of water at least a litre a day
3. Hit the gym at least 3 times a week
4. 50 calve raises a day
5. The occasional squats, crunches, planks, leg raises and jumping jacks
6. More fruits and veges
7. Stop before you're full when eating
8. Never deprive yourself of what you want to eat (otherwise, you'll binge)
9. Avoid junkfood (obviously)
10. Turn a deaf ear to people whom degrade your efforts

Remember, even if you're doing little workouts or find difficulty in the kitchen, you are MUCH BETTER than those lazy couch potatoes, no matter if they're fat or skinny. Bear in mind that you're doing something with your lifestyle, unlike them. Feel happy that you're doing something to change your life.

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