2012 - A year of goals and ambitions

Last year, throughout the end of 2011, I finally stopped cursing. I abolished myself from swearing and cursing and I feel good. I think more about God and hoping that one day I'll change for the better. It's not easy finding someone that you can talk to about wanting to change, about doing good things just for the sake of doing it without wanting anything in return and to develop a more conducive environment to encourage changes for the better. I prefer trusting strangers rather than friends. Some friends tend to pretend to be all ears and telling you things you wanna hear. Some may even judge you, doubting you along the way. Strangers value you by first impressions and are more direct since they don't have personal relations with you. So yeah, my changes are my own. Bit by bit. If you can't see it, too bad. Judge me, I don't really care.

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