There are times in life when you want more. To feel more than what you're feeling now. Satisfaction is the one feeling in life that is completely absurd. The satisfaction to be loved, wanted and successful. Knowing that what you feel sometimes doesn't even matter to others. They're striving for their own satisfaction as well without considering others. It is then when we feel as if we're living in a fish bowl. People would stop and stare but they don't get what we're feeling while we could just see their ugly faces plastered on this beautiful earth, angry at the fact that we should be out there feeling and appreciating what they take for granted. As special as we think we are, some may not even see how amazing our individuality is till they've lost us. To keep us sane, we should remember that we're not the only ones feeling the way that we're feeling now. Someone out there can relate. It's just that we don't know who or where they are. It's okay to feel alone. It's okay to be alone. At least, that's the only time where we don't have to put up with bullshit all the time, ey?

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