So I've been working on a new project with my cousin which is Alt. by Anbreen (a blog shop where I sell all my post-loved clothes) and guess what, Alhamdulillah, it was a hit! I didn't know that there's a lot of girls out there who wanted to purchase things from me. I was overwhelmed. I genuinely, truly was. I only have Allah to thank for and my friends whom redirected them awesome buyers to me. In this Ramadhan/Aidilfitri spirit, I hope Allah blesses everyone with calmness and prosperity this festive season. Learn to be grateful and always remember Allah. Have a great celebration everyone! Lovin' the love and support y'all have given :)


Aifaa R. said...

i lambat tahu and yang i suka semua pun dah kena reserved.

so sad :(

Anbreen said...

Auww. Don't be sad. Nanti ada updates, I'll notify you, ok? :)