So here's what I've been thinking today. After I graduate in a years time, of course I'd like to work. Though I feel like I wanna continue on studying like taking a short course in fashion. There aren't fashion short-courses here in Kuala Lumpur so I might have to go abroad. The only thing is, I don't want to do it alone. It'd be nice if I had a friend along to enroll with me. But it's just a thing that I've been thinking about. Nothing serious. I wish I had the determination to get something done and achieve it. I'm not much of a go-getter but I don't let things slip by me that easily too. I used to think that I was one worked up bitch but it seems that I am nothing more than average. I'm not that hard-working nor am I THAT lazy as well. I like it easy. There's nothing wrong with easy. As long as I'm on the correct path, than I say, lead on (I sound so uninteresting, don't I?).

*First day of fasting today and Alhamdulillah I got through it without any obstructions. I ate a little too much though. Just had another round of meal before bed. Very nasty habit. Not very good for my screwed up digestion system. Tomorrow's another day they say, right? We'll see.

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