Remember the part where I mentioned I wanna eat well, exercise regularly, take better care of my health this Ramadhan? DID NOT HAPPEN AT ALL! Instead of losing weight like a lot of normal people do, my body reacts the exact opposite. I gained a kg or so. A bit depressing but thinking back about it, I don't really mind. Ramadhan is the only month where my mum will be in the kitchen every single day. So what could be better than me, hanging around at home, stuffing my face with my mum's dishes? I love home. Home is the only place where I wanna be. I'm growing up and sooner or later, I'm not gonna have much time at home let alone have time for my family. This is the time to be there for them. I spare every minute of free time I have being with my family. Yes, as of by now, people should know that I am very attached to my family. I am not ashamed to say this because other than your family, could you honestly say that someone else has provided as much need and love for you like they have? NO. So I dare say this, before you go stomping around, being an ungrateful brat, look around and see what's really yours and what your family has given. No family is perfect. It's just something that everyone has to deal with. But I say it's worth it.

I put my family first before friends and that's one of the main reasons why it's easy for me to say no to invitations. Sorry.

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