People my age are out there, making money, thinking about the future, chasing their dreams. Young paper chasers, as you call it. Even if they're not making money, they've got high ambitions. Ambitions that they'd like to watch come true. Me, as I'm writing this, it took me 2 hours to actually figure out what I want. And it hits me, I'm not even sure what it is. I know what I love, but I'm not sure if it's gonna pay the bills. 4 months of vacay and all I did was lazying around while I know many of my peers are working their butt off to make money. I respect that. Wish I had the same determination.

But I don't. Nobody's gonna give me 4 months of nothing to do anymore. Life starts this coming semester where the typical break I'm gonna get later on is a 1 month holiday. I'm making full use of this 4 months with traveling and just being who I am; a slob. I'm taking things easy. No rush. I've always thought I was the kind of person who'd get up and make things happen. Fast, efficient, now, now, now. Nuhh. Those qualities only applies if I'm managing something critical. Right now, I'm gonna run things at my own pace, my own way. I'm gonna enjoy the time that I'm given without responsibilities, commitments and promises. You make use of your time filling it with productivity. I'm gonna fill it by being stupid and lazy. It's a teenage dream, ain't it?

I'm too young to be paying the bills. It'd come soon enough.

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