I noticed that a lot of people will say that they live to make other people happy. That they think about other's happiness instead of their own. I also hear a lot about how hurt these people get because the people that they're pleasing don't understand them. They're upset and mad because they are tired of making others happy while people don't spare a second to think about what might make them happy. Do you really think that is how this world works? Putting others before you makes you unselfish? Grow up. No matter how nice people think you are, you can't expect them to show you gratitude all the time. Asking somebody to repay the kindness that you've shown them makes you the selfish one. Rethink back all the bad deeds you've done before you go blaming karma for people acting all mean to you. Nobody's an angel, darling. Everyone in this world seems to think that they put others above themselves because they would rather have others happy. But if you don't do it sincerely, better you don't do it at all. If you plan to cry and get upset that you don't get the treatment you want, suck it up. Life is a mess. It's our job to clean it up. Everyone's feeling the same thing. Every second, every day. We're not aliens. Stop thinking that you're that special, dude, please.

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