Have you ever felt the need to run away so that you know how much that you're worth to someone? To feel the need to disappear so that someone notices your absence. When someone says that they need you and miss you, you know that you mean something to someone. Even if it's not a lot, at least someone notices our absence. What hurts is when you're a part of something then suddenly, you don't seem to matter anymore. Being in a room full of people that you know but yet, you feel invincible as if your presence does not matter. It's scary wondering if everything that you knew was just a lie. Something that you thought you knew but had it misunderstood. Thinking that you're special when you're not, at all. Loving and being scared of somebody are two different feelings. Sometimes a person just needs to be thought of, to matter and to know that they are being appreciated without strings attached. Don't let someone go just because you forgot. You might lose them for good.