Vintage Lee denim shorts and Divided by H&M black platform wedges

Spent a lot in London and it truly is one of fashion's capital city. There are so many interesting and beautiful pieces there. I bought my fair share of clothes and accessories. Not as much as I would like, since it's pretty hard to get things when my parents aren't around, but I did manage. The above photo posted, I might say has got to be my favorite pieces of items that I bought. I find it really edgy and chic. I've always wanted a cut-off denim which I got for a really neat price at only £10 at the Portobello Market in Notting Hill. There were various brands and designs! I was gobsmacked. Wish I could grab some more. The black platform wedges to me, is a must have. Bought it at H&M in Liverpool which only costed £19.99! I didn't think much about it. Had to get it. There are other several pieces of items that are my favorites. Will post them up when I have the time. My stuff is all over the place. Haven't got the chance to sit down and sort em' up. Oh well.

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