Saw this bag in the window display a few months ago. When I got back from London, decided to enter the shop while Ayah was looking for shoes. The promoter greeted me so I asked how much was the bag because I've eyed it for so long. She said it was on 50% off! Can you believe it!? Half the price out the window! Told my dad I didn't want to buy any unnecessary bags anymore because then it'll rot and get spoiled. I decided to just purchase one expensive bag that'll last longer instead of dozens of cheap bags that'll spoil in less than a year. So after discount, the bag is RM4k. For a Versace bag, it's pretty affordable. But for my bank account, not so. I dare not ask my father for it because he has forked out a lot for my Europe trip. And if I did use the money in my bank account, I could say bye-bye to 80% of it. Sale is only until the end of the month. So where can I get the money?

P.S: Don't judge and call me spoilt. Everybody has their own level of affordability. To some, what I want can be purchased at a snap of a finger. To others, what I want could pay their house rent for half a year. You can't expect everybody to have the same priorities.

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