No need to explain my obsession for Fernando Torres, but yes. I have love and faith for the man. His humble and shy personality just makes him that more perfect to my eyes. Mega superstar or not, he doesn't act like one at all. I can say this because I've met the man and he stood closer to me than anything I could've imagined. Yes, I did cry actual tears a day before I met him because I thought it would be impossible to get a chance to meet him. Come the day, I waited 6 hours for him at the hotel lobby dragging my boyfriend along (whom actually was willing to come and accompany me), risking being late to the stadium. I didn't care. I was so near to him that I didn't care what happened next. I guess dreams do come true if you get up and have faith in luck. I wish I could've told him I still had faith in his football skills and that I was not only interested in his looks, but also who he is and what he can do. I wish he knew how much I actually cared and not superficially. Who knows, if he knows that there's someone out there who cares, his scoring streak might come back again :)

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