It's been almost a week since I got back home from London and I'm still having a bad case of jetlag. It's not even funny anymore. I tried everything. I force myself to stay awake during the day so that I could sleep peacefully when night falls. No such luck. By 6-7pm, I don't feel sleepy anymore. Tired, yes. But I just can't shut my eyes no matter how badly I want to. I used to think that I'm the kind of person who can sleep anytime and anywhere because yes, I get sleepy very easily even while having a meal. But this is just getting ridiculous. I'm getting sick because of it. I know myself and when I don't get enough sleep, I get sick very, very easily. As of right now, I'm having slight headaches, runny nose, major sore throat, and body chills. I hate it. Should really remind myself to take my vitamin supplements before I get worse. Need to remind myself to get sleeping pills as well. Can't believe this is happening. Sigh.

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