It's been 13 days since I've been back. It feels so good to be back. Yes, I would love to go back to London but if I do, this time it'll be to relax and walk around slowly and see everything in detail. I hope I get to be there with Azim though. Am waiting on him.

Anyways, I've been on a little shopping spree (which I said I wouldn't do). Found a lot of stuff that I'm really happy to add into my wardrobe:

1. Black sun hat
2. Ray-Ban Wayfarers
3. Lace-less Oxfords
4. Wing-ed earrings and ring
5. M.A.C 'Foolish Me' blusher
6. White sheer sleeveless top
7. Oversized grey tee
8. Worn out brown silk shorts
9. Camel coloured shorts
10. Playsuit

Ordered my 'Angel Wings' platform wedges and Starry Rainboots that Ili had bought for me from London. Not sure if I should or should not order my NARS multiple bronzer. Decisions.

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