I know I haven't been a good sister. I yell, I curse, I shout and nag at my brother constantly that if I were him, I'd give me a good beating. But mostly it's because I just want him to be a better person. I don't him to have horrid habits and have it stick with him till he grows up. I want him to be a better person. We ain't got any others watching over us so it's me and him and him and me, till the end.

I know it's bad of me to do this, but I read his comments by his friends on his Facebook wall. In most of their conversation, his friends would make fun of his weight saying how fat he is and how he's gonna break something if he sits or rides on something. And do you know how my brother reacts to all this? He does nothing about it. He doesn't comment on it, defends himself, make up excuses for him or even get mad. He just takes it all in. His friends may be joking about what they were talking about but still, it doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt. As his sister, I feel like punching all his friends in the face but to set an example, I just need him to be patient. Be mature and just let them say whatever they want. It's not easy but I guess that's the only way to overcome it. I'm just worried about how this will effect my brother. I hope he'll be fine. Too much of a mockery can actually damage a kid's childhood. People are mean. There's no way in hell that anybody can deny that.

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