I don't really know how to use make-up but I do like things that gives my face a different feel to it. I don't mind going out of the house barefaced because I don't have ay irregularities on my face. On certain days or certain events, liquid eyeliner, blusher and stained lipbalm are the only items I use on my face. No foundations, eyeshadows, mascara, nope. I feel like a drag if I put too many stuff on. I like things that gives me a fresh feeling to it. Something that'll make my skin glow. I like neutral shades. I've got dark skin tone which I actually like (many Malaysians prefer 'white'). While I was in London, I tried on some NARS product and ultimately fell in love with it. I love the matte and sheer texture of it. Unfortunately, my credit card got declined when I tried to pay for it. Now I'm in Kuala Lumpur and tried to buy it online. Somehow the price increased tremendously. Plus, I don't remember the name of the items I wanted. Am trying hard to recall back because I don't wanna waste money on the wrong items. It isn't as cheap as MAC or Benefit you know (which are my two favorite make-up brands).

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