I don't really find myself interesting. I don't have any special talents nor do I have anything extra on me (except for fats). There's one reason for it: Lazy. I can attend classes to sharpen skills eg. piano, guitar, sailing etc: lazy. I can go around, making new friends, attend gatherings or simply make a conversation with someone: lazy. I could work, earn my own cash, gain new experiences, not to mention again, making new friends: lazy. I could dress up, style myself, blog about fashion and learn new insights about styling and fashion, create a moodboard or finish up my scrapbook: lazy. I could go to the gym morning and evening, watch what I eat, attend new classes to strengthen myself and meet new people: lazy. I could go around Kuala Lumpur, find new meal spots, find out new roads or new interesting places or even go on a roadtrip: lazy. Can you imagine on how much opportunity and chances that I am missing out on here? I need someone who isn't afraid to kick my butt and help me make a move and open the doors that's laid out in front of me. Not to force, but to encourage. I need that person. Are you one of em'?

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