I dare not say what I've bought during my trip to Europe. My luggage exceeded my baggage allowance but I was allowed an extra 10kg so I was safe from any unnecessary fees. Told Ili that I wasn't gonna do any buying when I got back to Kuala Lumpur but...I did. Can't help it. I am ashamed of my spending habits but I swear to God, I'm no shopaholic. I only buy things that I think is worth having. Plus, I am running out of places to stash my clothes and shoes. I need to keep checking on myself that I don't go overboard on my expenses. I like expensive items that's worth buying. I do as hell love things that are cheap which doesn't feel like a payment burden at all. It's impossible to save every single penny we have. It's gonna end up wasted over something that's unnecessary. Ada duit, belanja. Tak ada duet, aku diam saja lah. I only spend when I have the money. I don't beg or force or fuss or cry or plead when I don't. Not having money is not the end of the world. Ada rezeki, Alhamdulillah. Tak ada, cari. Allah Maha Pemurah.

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