I am very disappointed with Malaysian's mentality. Recent activities (and I was one of the witness) reported that Chelsea officials have filed a complaint against FAM about the verbal abuse of Yossi Benayoun. It was obvious that when every time he received the ball during the match, Malaysian fans were 'boo-ing' him all the way. I read the news online this evening, and I didn't know how I even started crying so suddenly. I cried because I was ashamed at what happened. Ashamed that Malaysians have no sense of being civilized.

Throughout my whole life, what I see with my own two eyes, Malaysians are really good at degrading others without realizing their own flaws. It saddens me that I too, am a Malaysian and I can't change others' attitude on this. Back to the case at hand, it is stated that Malaysia do not recognize Israel and we do not establish any diplomatic relations. I'm not going to go through details about our protests against them and other world conflicts. I'm just going to talk about the most well known sport that we Malaysians and not forgetting the world, have a very big interest on; football.

FIFA has launched a campaign on 'Say No to Racism'. Football fans should realize this if they are truly fanatics of the sport. So what happened during the Chelsea vs Malaysia game? Malaysians showing their racist side. 85,000 football fans at the stadium. What a disgrace. Memburukkan lagi nama baik Malaysia. Malaysian officials should know better about the 3rd class mentality that we Malaysians have. I can't explain to anybody about how disappointed and upset I am.

(1) The Malaysian government should have handled their affairs beforehand that could prevent all this from ever happening.
(2) Malaysians should upgrade their mentality and not degrade others of different races and religion when it comes to sports.
(3) Football, like music brings everybody together. Supporters hand in hand celebrating the life that the sport brings.

Think about it Malaysians. Know your boundaries. Islam mewajibkan kita mencari dan menimba ilmu. Gunakan ilmu itu ke arah kebaikan dan pembangunan diri. Respect others if you wish to be respected. Bila orang buat kita, marah. Kita buat orang, tak fikir ke? Tolong guna otak, Malaysians. Malaysia is a multiculturalism country. We as its citizens should already accept each others' differences in religion and culture. Malaysia was once a model for peace and harmony for the mixture of different races and religion. Not anymore. It has been tarnished and I am not surprised if issues related will rise in the near future.

*note the time during the Malaysia vs Singapore World Cup Qualifiers game. Penyokong Malaysia tidak reti hormat lagu negara pihak lawan. Bukan semua, tetapi majoriti. And majority rules, doesn't it?

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