I am not perfect. I am far from it. I know I don't look the part of a religious Muslim but Allah is always in my heart. I may not have a lot of knowledge, though I would like to gain more insight about Islam. I want to get close to Allah. I am trying. I don't dress appropriately, I may not even have the right attitude. But I try to resist all temptation and avoid God's fury. InsyaAllah, bit by bit, I will find my way towards the right path. Criticizing and mocking me won't help. Advice and guidance is what I seek for. No judgement needed.


Daughter said...

I'm here if you need me. :) Changes don't happen over night, and changes don't happen if you don't want them. So, I'm here if you need me :) I'm no ustazah, and by God, i'm not a guide, but I'm a friend. Inshallah, we'll help each other out :) the objective is to learn something from each other and brings each other to closer to each otehr and most importantly to GOD :) It's not as scary as people think, you know.. being on the other side. It's actually more peaceful, calmer.

Again, I'm always here if you need me :)

And, Allah is closer to you than your jugular veins. So HE'S always therewhether you do or don't need him :).

Love you, Annie :)

xx, izzy

Anbreen said...

Thanks girl :). Will always, always bare this in mind. Love you too! xxx