Heavenly smile

We saw him.
Everybody was screaming his name but he didn't stop.
I was scared he wouldn't come near me.
But he did.
I panicked.
Got a little too excited.
Handed him a photo of him on the field.
He signed it.
Signed just a few others too.
Handed to me the marker pen he was using a few times.
It's not even mine but he insisted.
I still didn't take it.
I tried and ask him,
'Torres, could I get a photo with you, please?'
He smiled the most insanely gorgeous smile I have ever seen.
I knew he couldn't because the team was late for the game.
He smiled.
Can you believe it?
He smiled at what I said to him.
The fact that he came over to me.
Best feeling ever!

My Nando experience, 21/7/2011, 6++pm

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