Barcelona was HOT! Both as in the weather's hot as well as the surroundings. The place was insanely beautiful. It has got to be one of my favorite countries. I loved the exotic feeling. One problem though: language barrier. Most of them don't even speak basic English. It was pretty difficult for us since the only syllables we knew were 'Si', 'Gracias', 'No comprendo', 'Buenos notes'. That's all. But we survived since we didn't have to communicate a lot. The beach was insanely full with hot and real people. I loved it. No one cared what everybody else looked like. The weather was blazing hot during the day. Come night fall, we were freezing our asses of at the beach. That taught us a lesson. We thanked God we weren't victims of pick pockets since the place was famous for it. We had our tricks. And I am now proud to say that I have taken a dip in the cool water of the Mediterranean Sea :)

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