So there's a story circulating our youngsters nowadays about a girl who announced losing her virginity and was so damn proud of it. She's Malay, a MUSLIM and she's only 14. Yes, 14. I kid you not. It ain't my place to judge her because it's none of my business but as a fellow Malay and Muslim, I feel sorry for her and not to mention angry. What's wrong with kids nowadays? I am so astonished at what's happening with today's youth. Being so proud of doing something that's immoral, sinful and not to mention going against the law. Someone should really get that girl to a counseling session. She needs guidance.

Why is it that people are trying so hard to look and feel cool? Maybe the reason of trying to fit in or be accepted? Proving to other people that they have so many experiences under their belts? That they've tried everything that being young has to offer even if it jeopardizes their own being? Why? Why would someone do that? Perhaps loving one's self is not as easy as loving others.

My parents are both strict people and they don't tolerate with nonsense. But I was given my freedom at a very young age but I, have never misused their trust towards me. It's not worth it doing something under peer pressure. I tell my parents every single thing that I do and every where that I go. I can't lie because something bad always happens when I lie. It's a curse, really. So, with my own paranoia of maybe getting into trouble or accidents or bad events, I just tell my parents everything. At least if something bad does happen, I could always just call them first. Freedom is something that I have been given but when they say no, it means NO. They have their reason for that.

I think it's normal that youngsters wanna go out and come back late at night, especially people around my age. But it's not cool, coming back at 4-5am every single night, when you're living under your parents' roof. Have some respect. If you really have the need to come back late EVERY SINGLE FUCKIN' NIGHT, get your own place. Come up with your own income. But as long as you're eating the food off their table, sleeping in the bed they've given you, wearing the clothes they bought and the money in your pocket came from them, have respect for the place they call home. If you come back late once in a while, tell them where you're going before you head out. FYI, they do worry. At least mine does.

I am blessed with two open minded parents. I have the freedom to tell them what I'm doing and where I'm going. I'm still living under their roof and the money in my pocket is theirs. They give me what I want and provide me with what I need. I can pierce my belly, do a tattoo, drink, go clubbing or anything and they won't judge me as long as I don't give myself and my own family a bad name. But guess what, I don't do any of that stuff. I don't feel the need to do any of it because I can if I want to. I don't bow down to peer pressure very easily. I don't need to be 'bad' to be cool. I don't need to prove myself to be one of you just so that I could fit in. I can do what you can't do. I respect myself and my parents. Call me spoilt, daddy's girl, a goody-good, heck if I care. At least I'm not rotten, troubled and problematic like many of the youth out there today.

Home, love, family. I have all of it. You can't have everything you want but you can have respect for yourself and others. Don't compare yourself with others. You ain't gonna be happy that way. Accept what you have, be grateful. Have R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

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tonkskay said...

i love this piece you wrote babe. you should submit this to newspapers or magazines.