Patience may be a virtue, but it certainly doesn't apply to me. I don't have the strength or the will to be patient. I am very, very impulsive based on my surroundings and condition. I react to scenarios based on how I feel and what I think suits the situation best. I can't be bothered with how people think or feel sometimes which makes me very unlikeable, to some. I can't help it. I can tolerate a couple of mishaps but if you often do it and your excuse sounds like bullshit to my ears, you've lost your respect from me and I won't trust you like I did before.

It's human nature for people to have different perceptions on certain subjects. But I beg to differ. Perceptions may be different, but the rationality and logical explanation is always there. I suggest people to think and weigh their decisions before putting a mark on their words. As the saying goes, the tongue is the sharpest weapon and how you project your words, describes yourself. Your sayings will and can affect other's lives. Looks aren't everything. Don't be deceived on how happy they look on the outside. Instead, measure their joyfulness on the acts and gratitudes that they show, to you.

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