A lady is only as sexy as her personality. The key to sexiness is confidence. It may seem like a cliche, but it actually isn't. When a women is sure of herself, she carries herself well which makes everything she does or wears look incredibly attractive. The clothes may help but the personality of the wearer will separate them from looking like a slutty whore or 'can't-resist' sexy. Not every piece of clothing fits every women. You may be gorgeous, thin or fair but some items just does not look good on you. No matter how hard you try to copy a celebrity.

Why? It's all in the attitude! Have you ever wondered what makes Megan Fox look so smouldering hot? Of course her absolutely 'to-die-for' figure helps but the fact that she thinks like a dude and doesn't take bullshit from anybody puts the edge in her personality which makes her so irresistible. There's nothing wrong with being timid and shy but it lacks the spark there, you get what I mean? Try not to be scared but not too overly confident as well cause then you'll just look like you're so full of yourself which is just plain annoying. Laugh loudly, burp like a dude, roll around in the mud, wear that bikini even if you have a muffin top or a more than a couple of belly rolls. Just be you!

So, think like a boss and act like a lady. That's the best remedy that I have for all y'all out there. Just remember to be sure of yourself. Make them feel that they've been missing out on something special all their lives.

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