I am always on Twitter. And right now, right this second, it is definitely getting pathetic. Haters bashing on others. The one that's hated is also bashing on the haters (which is very unprofessional, to say the least). Everybody might have disagreements and not liking what one is doing or saying. That's how people work. You can't expect everybody to satisfy you. You also can't expect everybody enjoying and liking what you do either. It's just a simple matter of knowing where, when and how to shut the fuck up. Voicing out opinions is everybody's human right. But everything has its limits. Consider what you say, before you say it. There is a reason why freedom of speech is limited. Giving this kind of freedom to the people may lead to two things: chaos and riot.

There is also, always a reason for something being hated. Reason one: Jealousy. People can't stand watching others be more than what they are. They can't stand watching the person succeed, doing what other people dream of doing, envying all the person's achievements and riches. Reason two: The person's attitude. When you know you're being hated tremendously, check yourself on what you've done wrong. You might've offended people in some ways that you haven't realized or you're just being painfully obnoxious. You can't please everybody, that's true. But you can try to avoid things that can hurt or offend people. As for the haters, you should check on yourself, before you go around hating somebody that did not even personally attack you.

If you could overcome the feeling of hatred and jealousy towards others or knowing how to shut the fuck up even if you hate something, you are one human being that's worth living in this messed up world. Withholding and controlling yourself isn't easy. So be proud.

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