Day 3 - Your idea of the perfect first date

Adventure and romance makes the best element for my idea of a perfect date. I like things that are different. My first date with my boyfriend consisted of a typical movie and a dinner date. But it was a surprise though. I will never forget the way he asked me to be his girl. I don't think even he can forget the look on my face when he popped the question. Nobody has ever said any of those words to me and what he said was the most genuine and sincere words I have ever heard inmy life. The way he looked into my eyes, the way he pulled my hand towards him... Enough about that.

My idea of a perfect date is simple. Take me out and bring me somewhere and make me do something that I haven't done before. That's it. It's the effort and thought that he puts into the date is what makes it perfect for me. For example, set up a place for us to dine and watch a movie under the stars or take me out on a romantic candlelight dinner then take me out and teach me to play pool or something. Just let the date be all about me. That for me, is perfect.

Isn't this nice?


Daughter said...

where did u get this! makes me wanna go alololo :))))

Anbreen Aziz said...

Tumblr! Hahahaha. Nice rightttttt!