Day 18 – 5 things that irritate ME about opposite/same sex

1. Obsessing too much on their exterior
2. Hating and bashing between each other
3. Too needy and clingy
4. So much feelings wrapped in a single body
5. Period pain
6. Easily judging others
7. Girly girls
8. Non-stop gossiping and backstabbing
9. Drama, drama, drama
10. Easily getting wounded, emotionally

1. Too laid back
2. Don't notice the small changes
3. Taking things for granted
4. Thinking that the only part of a women are their looks.
5. Hard to get emotionally attached
6. Lack focus
7. Stubborn and egoistic
8. Thinking that a women should be perfect
9. Gender bias
10. Expecting things to be easy

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