Day 12 – Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

What a coincidence. Today's my 18th month-iversary with him. I haven't had a relationship like I have with him with anybody else. I never knew I could feel like this, to say the least. He changed me, as a person, a lot. I've learnt a lot of good values from him. I don't know why but he brings out a side of me that I never knew I could become. As mean and as bitchy as I can be, I'm still wondering how he could ever stick with me for this long. How could he put up and tolerate with my being because if I were him, I'd leave me a long time ago. He has a virtue of patience that I really admire. He caresses my flaws which I might add, are plenty. He doesn't give me excuses and he'll do anything he can, to be there for me and give me what I want and need. I guess it's love. I may be young and naive, but right now, forever is what it feels like. We may or not make it in the future. That's God's decision. Whatever comes, we both know that we've loved each other as much as we can. I'm looking forward to a brighter future together <3. Insyallah, Amin.

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