Day 10 – A photo of your favorite place to eat.

I'm a VERY BIG fan of food. Even if you look at my body, you would've known right away. But honestly, I am very grateful to be given this body type, because the way I consume food does not match with what you see in front of your eyes. I can't resist food. The temptation is too high for me to overcome it. So yes, I like food. I LOVE food, A LOT! As for a favourite place to eat, I'd say, HOME.

Why not right? I can just sit in front of the TV with my boxers on, eating anything with my bare hands. I don't have to worry how bad my tummy bloats after I eat or if I'll get stains on my shirt. Seriously, home is where the tummy is. But if I were to pick a restaurant, I'd say Cozy House at Great Eastern Mall. It's one of my favourite restaurant that serves local delicacies. I like rice. I am forever a rice person. My usual order there would be asam pedas, telur dadar, beancurd, kangkung belacan, kailan ikan masin and lemon chicken! Sometimes I'll order the chicken maryland or cantonese bihun. Yes. That about does it :)

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