Frankly speaking, the iPhone is so much more convenient than the iPad. For work and entertainment purposes, yes, the iPad definitely trumps it all. The iPad to me is just attractive because it seems so high tech. But if I were given a chance to spend my money on something, the iPad wouldn't make the list. Ironically, Ayah got an invitation to purchase the iPad2, without having to order beforehand. No waiting, just come and purchase. So he RSVPd to the event and a couple of days later, we attended it.

I don't think he even planned on buying it. I don't think he even really wants it or needs it. I think it just struck him on why is everybody else making such a huge hassle over this piece of device? So really, I think he just bought it because he knows that he can have what everybody else is dying to get their hands on. I just like it because then we have something to add in to our collection of Apple items. That's about it. I think it's actually great that he bought it for himself. He deserved it.

Luckily we RSVPd to the event because not even halfway through, they announced that the iPad2 is out of stock and the ones available are reserved for customers who RSVPd. Thank goodness. I asked Ayah to sit down while I queued. The event was held at Godiva, Pavilion. Yes, we were being served chicken pie, pizzas and chocolates and not forgetting Godiva's Chocolate Elixir and a few other drinks. I was full just by standing there because they keep coming over and offering me all the amazing food. After 45 minutes of queuing, we finally got ours.

Actually, we were lucky that later on we went up to epiCenter because everybody was there asking the staff to apply on the screen protector and some even bought covers for the iPad. I asked Ayah to buy the smart cover because I think it's practical. I know a Chinese dude there so he gave me an early number for the staff to help me with my applications. So now we have an iPhone, iMac, iPod and an iPad. iaminlove <3. None of these wouldn't have happened if it weren't for God. We are terribly blessed.

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