4 months of holidays eyy? Some people might die of boredom, some might go work, while others like me will just sit at home and get their asses fat. Of course I want to work. Being 22 and still living under your parent's roof, driving their car and eating off their table isn't something someone should be proud of (though it is a lot cheaper). I need to make my own income and I know that. I'm going off to London in exactly 30 days and I doubt anybody would want to hire and pay me for work for less than 30 days. I'll still try and find something though especially after I come back from my long holiday though I don't know what I can do during fasting and raya season. Do you see where I'm getting at here?

I'm such a sad excuse for a young adult. I'll try and find some labour work where I could do favours and chores for close family and friends. Every little bit helps right? It'd be better if there's an event I could work at for a few days. They pay good money you know? So while waiting for me to make up my mind about work, these are some of my 'to-do' things to scratch off during my 120 days of holiday.

  1. Go to a Liverpool and Chelsea (for Fernando Torres) game here in Kuala Lumpur in July
  2. Lose a few kilos (I'm aiming to lose 3-4kgs before my departure to London)
  3. Save up for Incubus concert
  4. Really clean my room
  5. Have a day trip with my girlfriends
  6. Brush up on my French (and add some new Spanish words)
  7. Watch every single movie that comes out at the cinema
  8. Play laser-tag, rollerblading, go-kart etc etc
  9. Dine in at least 1 new restaurant every 14 days
  10. Will never say never to an invitation anywhere
  11. Build up stamina and fitness level (gotta watch my food intake as well)
  12. Plan for my near future
  13. Should make a reminder that purchasing/shopping is not necessary
  14. Key-in resume and find a place to intern/practical
  15. Slowly build up references and topics for my upcoming academic writing assignment
All this isn't that hard, right?

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