(1) My first attempt at sketching a design (the dress was suppose to expose
the side of her bare mid-riff)
(2) 2 future successful visionary fashion designers

I can never resist a job offer especially when I have nothing else better to do. I mean, why not? The chance to gain new experiences and earn some cash? Sounds damn bloody good to my ears. So an old school friend of mine offered me a job as a dresser for a fashion show this coming Saturday. Turns out, the show is postponed till July and too bad because I can't make it due to my trip. I hung out with the lot of them and I gained a little bit of the inside scoop on fashion as they major in fashion design. They taught me how to sketch (though mine is still messy). Went all the way to Seremban with them today, which actually felt like a roadtrip. It was a good day. A very good day (Y).

I love fashion. I love writing. I think I'm pretty good in both. Even if I'm not, I still love it. Can my dreams come true? Is it possible? Do I even have the potential? *sigh*

I need the opportunity, the chance to grab my lifelong wish.

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