What's life when you have no one to share it with, right?

Things this semester have been really rocky for me. The everyday choices that I have to go through and the ones that don't leave me any choice in the end left me with bruises and cuts because I wanted to prevent someone else getting hurt. I realized in the end, I just can't do that anymore. I can't blame others for not understanding me because I know at some point I might be the one who don't understand them.

I realized there were many mistakes I did before and there are some that I'm not really proud of and some that I wish I could take back. But I don't regret doing any one of them because without it, I won't learn. But what sucks the most is that no one is there to point out what you did wrong in the first place. How can you stop making mistakes when no one tells you that what you're doing is unacceptable?

People hate it when somebody is brave enough to stand up and speak their mind. Someone who is brutally honest can sometimes be perceived as a bitch because they don't filter what they say and end up hurting someone else. A bitch who's a loudmouth could not possibly have feelings. Well, I'd rather be a bitch than be a liar. I may speak my mind and you can get mad at me because you can't accept the damn truth. So, I apologize if I've ever said something that you can't forgive me saying it but at least I'm not like you who talks around my back and ignores me without me knowing what the fuck did I do wrong.

I may be the bitch, but at least I'm not mean.

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