I've tried my whole life to balance everything from my studies, my social life, my family, my possessions, my relationships, my religious practice, etc etc. I've become pretty good at it actually though I'm still far from perfect. Perfect is not what I'm aiming for but happiness is and I'm feeling pretty content with my life, to say the least.

But what happens when people just can't stand seeing you have everything and would just do anything to see all the things that you're juggling, fall down? The problem with balancing is that you defy other's definition of stereotyping. For example, if you pray 5 times a day, you can't possibly be stylish and have a social life. If you have good taste in style and fashion means you can't have a GPA of more than a 3.0. And if you have a boyfriend, you can't possibly have time for your family and friends.

You know what, I have everything and God is the only one whom I need to be thanking and not some other bitches who would do anything to see me tumble and fall. It's not easy to have people surrounding you to be sincerely happy with what you have and not feel threatened. Jealousy and envy is a normal feeling to have especially when you see that others have what you don't or can't have. But it doesn't give you permission to sabotage and ruin their lives just because you can't stand seeing other people happy.

Turn to God. Stop hating. God is the only reason that we have what we have right now. Without God, even you wouldn't be here. Stop telling me that I am ungrateful with what I have when you're the one who's not bending over being grateful to God. I may look like an ass, at least I'm not a hypocritical ass like you.

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