You know what I dread most about college? Picking up the phone and make appointments and set interviews. I hate them. I've never been able to face this fear of mine. So let's see what I have to do during this mid-semester break shall we:

1. Find and call and set up appointment with Print Journalist (which have but they won't get back to me)
2. Wait for confirmation on company related to the Economic and Business Reporting assignment.
3. Call up the PRO for MBSA and Health District Department regarding Shah Alam Dengue cases for Newspaper Management.
4. Finish up the 2 articles for Economic and Business Reporting.
5. Get on with the movie review for Interpersonal Communication.
6. Call up HEA for the interview with UiTM's TNC regarding 4 months break.

I can't seem to recall my other assignments but I just need to settle all this during my mid-sem break. I wonder what kind of bullshit I have to face next. *sigh*

Can't wait for the beach escape this weekend though! I won't let those motherfuckers get me down this time. Hah!

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