This may sound ridiculous but yes, I am very upset with Fernando Torres' transfer to Chelsea. I just can't imagine him leaving the Reds but from his perspective, I can understand why he would want to leave. It's a very good career move for him as he will be qualified to maybe play in the Champions League. He's gonna go far while Liverpool was holding him back. Some of the pressure and burden will be lifted off of his shoulders. Holding him hostile in Anfield might bring danger to the team. He may not be willingly playing for the club anymore. It's gonna jeopardize the club. Letting him go was the only choice. Even so, my heart is shattered into a million pieces and so will thousands of others. Liverpool has lost its diamond. Torres was the reason Liverpool was still breathing. I can't imagine him donning a blue jersey. He doesn't belong at Stamford Bridge. Whatever it is, Liverpool is still here to stay and for both Torres and Liverpool, YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE!

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