Bouncing off the brick wall

All my life I have always been the fat girl/big one. I don't mind usually as I'm used to it. But after a while, you begin to think if there's something wrong with the way you look. There must be a reason why I'm labeled a certain way right? The passing judgment that I always get has turned me into a paranoid bitch which is very unflattering. I believe that women are beautiful because of the different shapes and sizes that we posses. I can't imagine having a world filled with women with the same body shape. I want to stay in shape and keep fit. That's my long-term goal.

It's not easy I tell you. It never is for anyone. People think that stamina and losing weight can be achieved in a short period. It can't. Everything has to start from scratch. It takes a very long time and a lifelong commitment to achieve the perfect health. You may be a skinny bitch, but trust me that the outside does not always reflect what's on the inside. I wanna look and feel beautiful, healthy, fit and lean. People will always make fun of people who exercise and eat right because they think they have achieved it all without having to go through all that. Well screw them and turn a deaf ear. Do whatever it takes to get what you want. They don't know shit. Find people who will give you a sincere encouragement and help you along the way because through this, you will always know that someone is there to back you and pick you up when you're all fucked up.

It's not an easy target to achieve but I'll keep trying to push myself one bit at a time. I know I can do this. I don't want to be the girl that everybody keeps picking on. I don't wanna be bullied for my body weight. I'll keep fighting. Though I must say on behalf of the people who feels the same way that I do, STOP judging and making fun of us. It definitely is not funny. And to you people who thinks that you have it better than us, focus on your lowly pathetic life for making us feel bad instead of putting us down to make you feel good because you are inadequate as any of us will ever be.

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Chad Dashnaw said...

Nice post. I have a co-worker, a gorgeous girl, who is absolutely miserable because the life she leads is not her own. I think, based on this blog and the one prior, that you have to find you in order to be happy. To be empowered, you should set one goal and achieve it. If your wish is to get healthy (i.e. skinny), make your goal to run a 5K. It might take time and effort, but you will feel amazing once you accomplish it, and will probably lose weight in the process. Good luck!