I wish to get emancipated

Since I signed up for gym, I've been controlling what I eat. I still eat though it's just that I've demolished fast food, junk food, oily foods and carbonated/sugary drinks. I've lost almost 4kgs in the last 29 days but the only thing that has slimmed down are my wrists. Of course getting a better body shape are one of my goals but I've been really concerned with my health. How much fat our body contains, how much fat surrounding the heart and how old are we actually on the inside. It really scares me knowing that I may not be that healthy as I expected. I don't want to die because of diseases that can actually be prevented at this young age. I'm starting early. What annoys me is that everytime I say 'No' to unhealthy food, friends or people would assume that, "Oh, nak kurus eh?", "Diet eh?", bla, bla and BLA. I feel like slapping them in the face and say, "Go drive yourself straight to the doctor bitch. Go check if your skinny ass is really that healthy, which it's NOT." There is definitely nothing wrong with eating especially coming from me. It's all about portion and balance. So now, when I eat and I go sick and fat, you call me a fat ass and when I wanna eat healthily and exercise, you're saying that I'm going on a diet and mock me for it. So what do you have me do now, idiot?


Daughter said...

i feel ya on this one ;)

aliaa said...

i support you 100% dear!!!

But aku blk next week, ko xnk mkn nasi lemak ngan aku lagi ke=(

Anbreen Aziz said...

Haha. Jomm! Aku makan aja. Just trying not to eat as much macam dulu. That's all :)