Wake up and smell the graveyard

I've learned what it's like to take something for granted and have it taken away from you. You'll feel vulnerable and regret which is something you never want to feel in this lifetime. Apart from that, I've bathe myself away from being a judgmental creep everybody is nowadays. Life is hell as it is and we don't need everybody else breathing down our necks telling us that something's fucking wrong. To be exact, the less you care, the better. I am not saying for you to be heartless but the term 'care' means stop being a busybody. Up in people's business all the time. That's just plain wrong and pathetic because psychologically the reasons for this act that people are just plain bored with their lives. The overwhelming sense of insecurity leads them to talk bad and judge others' flaws excessively.

I would advice you to get up, get a life and shut the fuck up. Focus on yourself and make adjustments and in the midst of doing that, you'll soon get a life. Never judge others on what they like, prefer or decide. We're all different because if we aren't, please murder me in my sleep. I'd never want to live in a boring, repetitive world.

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