The past few weeks I've come to a conclusion that I need to get up and do something about life. New interests, new goals, new environment comes at hand in needing to make one's life more interesting. I have no complaints with the life I had previously, but it's getting repetitive. I'm not the kind of person who can handle repetition because it'll get really irrelevantly boring at some point. So with a few this and that, I've come up with a bunch of ideas that is in the midst of construction:
  • Azim and I have made a decision to try out a new fancy restaurant every week. Food is something we both enjoy and yeah, why not try out a new joint right?
  • I've joined a gym! Which I am very interestedly addicted to now. It's so much fun with all the classes and new people I'm meeting. One of the reasons why I've joined is to see how far can I push myself in achieving my goals which is health and fitness.
  • Other than that, I've been vigorously searching for a voluntary group which I can join in mainly concerning the nature and environment. You may think I'm just a shallow bimbo bitch that doesn't know anything about our surroundings. Guess what, you're dead wrong.
  • My old style scrapbook has been put off for quite a while. I've been meaning to carry on with it but I'm looking for the time to do it. I will I swear I will continue it.
  • I was hoping to look for a job where I am actually in dire need of cash now. Not only that, I was hoping to stumble on some internships or something that I can actually do that corresponds with my future. It's never too late to start looking for opportunities.
  • The performing arts has also been one of my interest. I'm sharing this interest with Azim which I will be taking him to see plays, theaters, the orchestra and so on. In return, he is taking me to see gigs and shows which lamely I've never even been to one.
  • I'm trying to reconnect with my cousins and old friends which I've clearly been abandoning. It makes me feel more human knowing that I have other people that I can communicate with and surround myself with. Dinners, parties etc are all part of the fun.
  • Sadly, I'm not a frequent traveler but I do love traveling. This time, I am going off to Singapore with my cousins and Bali with my girlfriends. Which is a very exciting thing as I've never been overseas with friends before. Something new, something fresh.
  • Roadtrips has come to a halt this time around mainly because everybody's busy doing their own thing. We'll have it soon. Just waiting for the right time to plan our private getaway.
  • I've been dabbling on a bunch of other things too but too many to list to it down here.
I'm loving life despite the personal problems and troubles hovering all the time. I can't run away from it. Nobody can. The best way to enjoy life is just dealing with it and moving on.

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