Wheel of Fortune just isn't fun anymore

I can't seem to shake the feeling of boredom around me. Nothing beats emptiness like having everything you could ever wish for and not knowing anymore about what you want. I may not be a lively haywire but I am not a dead dog either. The truth is, I just can't have too much of the same thing. It's like going to the office every morning knowing that all you do is just sit infront of the computer, type bullshit till the end of the day, come back home and rewind the same activity, every single day for the rest of your God foresaken life. I can't have that. I just can't. I can't lie about how I feel. I don't keep quiet about it either. I might hide it sometimes to save someone else from getting hurt but they do get hurt by me and it's my job to prevent them from it. And like all other human beings on this planet, I fail. But it won't stop me from trying and I never will. I am vulnerable and weak.
Help me out. Get me out.

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