Over the moon and under the bed

The following was a dream. Bare with me.
It was 3 hours to 12. And I was there with 10 of my closest friend and my boyfriend having an absolutely fantastic Arabian dinner. The clock struck 12. I just turned 21. It's my birthday and we just had a small pre-party and it was amazing. 3 hours later, I curled up in my bed knowing that when I wake up tomorrow, it was gonna be one heck of a day.
Mak called me from Bali to wish me and asked how's the party preparation's going. I miss her. Then my aunt and cousin came and they gave me this really gorgeous key necklace with '21' on it. It was my 1st present of the day and I will remember it forever. Packed and the whole lot of us went to check-in to one of the most exquisite hotels in town; The Westin hotel. The sheets and bed covers were enough to make me wanna sleep and never wake up. But I had to. I had a party to go to; my own. The hotel was smack right across Pavilion. So me and my cousin did our hair and nails there. Ayah got me a present. The most wonderful thing a girl could ever ask for; A gold Tiffany key necklace. The awe in my face said it all.
Went back to the hotel where my best friend waited for me so that we could get ready together. The guests were kind of late so the car service Ayah called earlier was delayed. We departed from the hotel at exactly 8.30 pm and arrived at the exact time my boyfriend did. So I walked up the stairs with him and there they were. Waiting for me. They sang happy birthday so loudly and confetti was thrown all over the place as I went and hug my friends. The buffet dinner started. My favourite part of the buffet was the chocolate fountain. Yummm. I greeted everybody though I was a really bad host. I had such a good time that I forget that I was mad at the late-comers. I didn't even care anymore. Jay sang to me the song he wrote for me for my 19th birthday. And then, the main attraction of the night, my absolutely-fantastic-wonderful birthday cake came out looking oh-so splendid! It was the first time that I laid eyes on it as my friends were the ones who took the order for me. It was insane!
The rest of the party was completed with magicians who look like gangsta's, a lucky draw, boob cupcakes distributed, and a whole lot of mingling. The night ended with my phone stolen but I guess it was alright. Looking at my friends who really looked like they wanted to bust the dude who whipped my phone made me happy. Went back to the hotel where I invited my friends to stay over with me. But after a couple of hours, I was flat on the bed. Too exhausted I guess. But I woke up the next morning energized but with a sore body. Went down for a buffet breakfast with two of my birthday managers/best friends where we went all ga-ga over the food. Later went swimming and the rest of the day was spent with Ayah for lunch, a movie and a really awesome body massage after. Got back home and I started unwrapping all the birthday presents. There were some presents that I didn't know came from who but every single one of them were absolutely fantastic.
I sat in my room the whole night crying. Not because I was sad. But how grateful I am that all this happened to me. And I've got no possible reasons to complain about. I can't list down the names that I wanna say thank you to, but know that my heart is beating for all of you. God, you rock.
Oh, this was not a dream. It was my reality.

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aliaa said...

Anbreen dear, happy belated 21st birthay!