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I am now officially scared of one thing: Raya. Why? Because there's too much food for a tiny person like me to consume! Ok, scratch 'tiny'. But you get what I mean right? A person like me can only handle so much food at a time leaving me with no choice but to feel like I've gained 10 kilos in the past week. I know I'm exaggerating but if I don't stop, I might as well have. Shoot me, please.

Raya wasn't a big disappointment. Everybody was there. Cousins, aunts, uncles. Semua adalah. Did I mention that I've been eating a lot? I happens everytime when I go back to JB. Masak sedap sangat sampai aku tak boleh berhenti makan. Duit raya was not as much as before but hey, at least there's something. I guess that's the effect of getting older huh? Old, sucks. Right now, right here, I'm just glad my family and I got to and from JB safely. No accidents, no nothing. I only have God to thank for for my well-being. Alhamdulillah.

Semua orang pun nak cerita pasal raya. Boring kan? Eh, cop. Dah alang-alang. Baik aku cakap apa aku buat. Hee.

1st Day of Raya: Salam-salam, eat, wash dishes, eat, sleep, wash dishes, dinner at Dome, Lot 10 with Ayah and Zaheen

2nd Day of Raya: Off to JB, almost had an accident, arrived, eat, sleeeep, raya rumah Ayahngah,eat, lepak Aliff, eat

3rd Day of Raya: Eat, raya Kg. Melayu, sleeeeeeep, eat, out for movie; The Final Destination (which sucks btw), dinner at McDonalds, raya rumah Yam, cousin's night out, eat

4th Day of Raya: Eat, raya rumah Tok Kapal, back to KL, sleeeeep, arrived, eat, out with Ayah, KLCC

Raya memang sepatutnya mcam ni eh? LOL!

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psychokiddo said...

ayah, mane duet raye saye ? :P