I didn't text anybody wishing Happy Raya. Gahh. I'll do it maybe around raya ketiga ok?

I'm hungry (as I always am). Oh yeahh. Great news. I just found out that electricity has been cut off from my house. What a great day to spend the morning of raya huh? Last year, Astro rosak. This year, elektrik terus tak ada. *Applause*. But I'm not complaining. Nor am I even whining. As long as I don't sweat, I'm going to be just fine.

I got 1 whole week off in conjunction of the raya holidays. 1 week. Tak sempat beraya, tak sempat siapkan assignment. Sempat makan saja. I guess I won't be meeting friends unless they came around here. Dhaous and Hazim came last night. Gossip, talk, gossip, talk. Rindu those amigos. Earlier in the day, I found the perfect baju kurung for today. I guess that's the only highlight for now. I'm just grateful that everybody is safe. No harm done. That's the beauty of raya. Jom makan?

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