Sorry is simple

Nothing is certain in this world except God. So please I beg you to reconsider your decisions for your own good. Anybody who's anybody knows that I don't approve of decisions that someone else decides for you instead of following your own wants. Yes, it is important to consider other people's feelings but what about what you want? Have they considered yours? You just can't stop living your life just because you think that they'll get hurt. Don't depend so much on others please. They mean so much to us, I know, and they're everything in the world. But are they worth sacrificing over your youth just so that we could stick with them 24/7 for the rest of our lives? Somethings are. But in this case, it doesn't. Hell no. If someone truly cares, they would trust us and want us to lead our own lives because they should know that at the end of the day, all u can think about is them to share about how your day went and they'll be happy for us.

I hate weak, whiny, dependent people. Sorry. I just figured that if the sun can give way for the moon to shine at night, why can't they give way to us to follow our wants sometimes. Then again, I'm just a stupid, fat little girl. What do I know right?

Mak, Ayah. I LOVE YOU

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